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Roberto Coda Zabetta

BIO Zabettai



Roberto Coda Zabetta was born in Biella, in January 1975.At first he attended the Experimental Polytechnic School in Biella, but then he completed his studies at the Art Institute, in Rome. In 1995, a year before entering the Academy of Brera, Roberto met the artist Aldo Mondino, and worked as his studio assistant from 1996 to 2000. That’s how Roberto Coda Zabetta describes this experience: “I believe true teachers are those available to help you find your way. You just need to stay there and waiting in silence. This is what working with Aldo was all about”.Coda Zabetta inherits from Master Aldo Mondino a way of being rather than a painting technique, the true idea of art rather than practical creative skills.Since in 1997 he has taken part in several exhibitions and contests for young artists, both in Italy and abroad. In 1998 he starts travelling to Morocco, New York and Berlin and began portraying faces. In 2000 comes out his first monograph: Identità Anonime . In 2001 he settles in Milan and meets crucial friends such as Alberto Fiz, Marina Mojana and Luca Beatrice. Then In coda, PPP and Colours were published in 2003 and 2004.The Sandretto Rebaudengo Foundation recommended the publication of his biography in the Zanichelli Italian Dictionary.Moreover, Roberto has been awarded of several Italian prizes such as : Passaggi a Nord-Ovest Pistoletto Foundation Award, Bologna Arte-Fiera Award, Miart Young Artists Award 2003 and 2004. Selected for the Dena Foundation at the Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Rècollets, in Paris, and for the BP Portrait Award 2006, in London.In 2005 he holds a one man show at Venetia Palace in Rome; in 2006, Psychic Persona at India Theatre, also in Rome. At the same time, he attends the London Saint Martin College and meet crucial people such as David Roberts, Martin Holman and Laura Petrillo.In 2007 he goes out to Ubud, Indonesia. He arrives to the centre of the Kintamani volcano and starts a series of works focused on the Eastern world. In April 2008, holds “Koi Dan Trinacria” a personal exhibition at the Indonesian National Gallery.He goes back to Italy and settles in a new studio in a small village of the Marche. In 2009 he opens the Spoleto Two World Festival with a personal exhibition at Collicola Palace. In 2010 he holds Nuvole Sacre (Sacred Clouds), at Royal Palace, Milan. At the beginning of 2011, holds “Proibito” (Prohibited), Lang gang Art Foundation, Jakarta and “Ex voto”, at Antonio Ratti Foundation/Former Church of Saint Francis, Como. In 2012, he presents the new cycle of “Verdade” travelling from the Museum of Certosa, Capri, Italy to the Niteroi Contemporary Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.His passion for the research of the origins, and his desire to keep travelling led him through very different places, such as Africa, India, Northern Europe and United States.Today he lives with his partner and his daughter among Milan, his beloved Marches, Singapore and Bali.


Terrazzo. KW / Kuenzler Weder Studio. Zurich – Switzerland.
Cantiere/2. Finalist Architecture film Festival /AFFR. Rotterdam.
The Honesty Bar. Kura and Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. Milan.
Il Crepaccio Show. By Caroline Corbetta. Milan.


Cantiere2. Milano Film Festival. Milan.
Memoria Collettiva. Casa Spazio. Manifesta12. Palermo. Italy.
Work in Progress. Museo Maxxi. Rome.
Montenegro Film Summary. MC2 Gallery. Montenegro.
KURA. Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milan.
Cantiere2/Harbour. Saint-Pierre Quiberon, Bretagne, France.
Work in progress. Triennale di Milano, Milan.

HO HO HO. Frutta Gallery. Rome.
Cantiere1/Terrazzo. Ex Ospedale Militare e Museo Madre. Naples.
Sostanza. Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam.
New Paintings. Cuadro Gallery, Dubai.
Cinque Mostre 2017 – VISION(s). Curated by Ilaria Gianni. American Academy in Rome. Roma.

The Milky Way 3. Curated by Damiana Leoni. Galleria Giò Marconi, Milan.
Filmbox#01, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa. Museo di Villa Croce, Genova.
What are we gonna paint? Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam.
Selected for the American Academy in Rome, Rome.
New Now, Phillips London. Londra.
The shit evolution. The Shit Museum and Boiler Corporation, Palazzo Siam, Milan.


FILM# 00-56. Catalogue essay by Ilaria Bonacossa.
Fondazione Mudima, Milan.
Carlo Valsecchi and Roberto Coda Zabetta.
curated by Paola Clerico and Art at work, Progetto Case Chiuse, and Garage Soccol, Milan.
The Shit Museum. A project by Massimo Valsecchi, Luca Cipelletti e Gaspare Luigi Marcone. Piacenza. Italy.
Italia Docet. Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. Collateral Event of the 56th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Venezia. Italy.

Scudo. Curated by Tony Godfrey. Ex-Marmi. Pietrasanta.
Roberto Coda Zabetta. Ronchini Gallery, London.
n_b, curated by Zorana Djakovic. Cultural Centre Belgrade, Belgrade.
Selected for the Artist Pension Trust, London.

Verdade, curated by Guilherme Bueno, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Rio de Janeiro.

Ex Voto, curated by Lorenzo Poggiali, Antonio Ratti Foundation, Como.

Nuvole Sacre, curated by Claudio Composti, Stefano Pirovano and Donald Richie. Film by Hikoh Hosoe, Palazzo Reale, Milan.
Fondamentum Artis, Unicredit Private Bank, Bologna.

Koi dan Trinacria. curated by Rifky Effendi, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta.
New Works, curated by Rifky Effendi, Willie Valentine Fine Art, Singapore and Berlin.

Spectrum, curated by Laura Petrillo and Martin Holman, The David Roberts Foundation, London.

Room Project from Cige, project with Langgeng Art Foundation, Beijing and Jakarta.

Selected for the BP Portrait Award 2006, National Portrait Gallery, London.
From white to black, Barbara Malher Gallery and UBS Museum, Lugano.
Psychic Persona, curated by Robert C. Morgan and Sergio Risaliti, Teatro India, Rome

Winner of the Miart Award, Milan. Selected at the Dena Foundation selection at the Centre International d'Accueil et d'Echanges des Récollets, Paris.
XIV Quadriennale. Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Turin, Italy.

PPP, Furini Contemporary Art, Arezzo.
PPP, Primissimo Primo Piano, Museum of Palazzo Venezia, Rome.
Colors, Poggiali and Forconi Gallery, Florence.
Awarded the Miart Prize for Young Artists, Milan.
Shortlisted for the 5th Cairo Award, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan.

Awarded the Miart Prize for Young Artists, Milan.
Shortlisted for the Arte Fiera Prize, Arte Fiera, Bologna.

From Italy, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Trevi.

Awarded the Passaggi a nord-ovest Prize, Pistoletto Foundation, Biella.
Face, Isabel De Miguel Gallery, Munich.

Selected for the Pistoletto Foundation - Città dell'arte, Biella.
P.S.I. Italian Bureau selections, New York




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