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We are glad to present a selection of works by the artists Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Giuseppe La Spada.

They are both involved in environmental topics since several years.

Ballestra (San Remo, 1974), is currently performing the project “Echoes of the void » which started in 2016 and includes the thirteen biggest deserts in the world.

The exhibition includes ten images from this project and executed in the Arctic desert, Greenland. The work  emphasizes the silence of nature. The landscape is desert and calm and seems to resist to the distant and diffused chaos of today’s world. The images aren’t just testimony of climate change but also frames of Earth’s beauty and strength.

Each image has been conceived with a music by an artist and musician.

Giuseppe La Spada, (Milazzo 1974), will present a selection of ten images from the series « In a changing sea » and « The origin of life ». Both projects include colors and black and white photographs. They have been taken in the Sicilian sea. They are extremely representative of the artist research which focuses on three main topics : art, spirituaity and sustainability.

Water and plastic become indistinguishable in La Spada works. Plastic confuses the viewer, appearing in beautiful forms such a diamond or a jellyfish or recalling even human forms as in the photograph “the bride”.

The unavoidable fusion between these two elements make think the viewer about the unhealthy condition of the sea, the great mistake of the human kind, the harmful seduction of  progress. 

La Spada will also present an interactive Water installation on the 10th of November at the presence of S.A.S. Prince Albert II with the original sound by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Works on show

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