Pietro Ruffo 

Constellations Migrations








Natural History Museum, Calcutta

15 November -15 December 2018


NM is glad to be part of the Festival for the Earth 2019 at Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. On this occasion, NM presents a series of photographs from the "Liquid Trajectories" project by ecologic artist Giuseppe La Spada executed with skier and world champion Federica Brignone. You can see the full program of the Festival by clicking this invitation.

Nina Carini is finalist at the VAF Foundation art prize. The finalists exhibition will be held at Mart Museum in Rovereto on Friday 14th March 2019.

From 10 to 13 March the Italian artists Leonardo Petrucci and Marinella Senatore will be part of the "Social Ecosphere" project curated by British born curator and Finnish resident Mark Watson. Workshops and performances will take place at Oulu, Finland. In particular, Petrucci will host a workshop on chess game, inviting participants to construct a life-size chess board on the site of Polar Bear Pitching 2019 and than play as chess pieces during a first performance.

A second performance will see a standard size indoor chess play featuring ice made pieces.The aim will be not only to beat the opponent but to do it before the ice melt, reflecting the challenges of climate change today.

Leonardo Petrucci opens his first VR permanent show "SOL-0" on Mars on 7th February 2019. You can visit the show on YOUTUBE at the link: https://youtu.be/dJgEDmzwftk

NM Black Friday

23rd November 2018

Buy art at half price and take it home!

Intra materia Natura infinita

Andrea Francolino

Solo show

Curator: Bettina della Casa

Spazio Aperto San Fedele

14 November 2018 - 15 January 2019

Constellations Migrations

Pietro Ruffo

Solo show

Calcutta National Museum


15 November - 15 December 2018


Group show

Curators: Leonardo Petrucci and Barbara Reggio

24 November - 15 December 2018

Wop Art Fair 2018

NM presents a selection of gallery artists on the theme : The dream.

Artists exhibited: Valentino Albini, Matteo Basilé, Nina Carini, Massimo Catalani, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Pietro Ruffo, Alice Schivardi.

Pietro Ruffo will be part of group show "Il richiamo di Cthulhu"

Visioni Future

Manifesta 12

Palermo 2018

PIetro Ruffo will be part of the group show: Graziosi, Odescalchi, Ruffo Twombly

Palazzo Oneto

Manifesta 12

Palermo 2018

Alice Schivardi will be included in Border Crossing 


Curators: Lori Adragna and Helga Amedani

Manifesta 12

Palermo 2018

Monaco Art Week first edition.

15 galleries based in Monaco united to offer an arty week to visitors.

A shuttle and limo service is at disposal of simple passionates as well as established collectors.

Matteo Sanna lives in residence at Bocs Art Museum, Cosenza.

Friday 15 December 2017

Residents show opening

Complesso Monumentale San Domenico, Cosenza

NM is thrilled to have sustained the project RED HOPE by Leonardo Petrucci with the Patronage of NASA.

Curator: Giuliana Benassi

Solo show at Zinouzi Carpet House.,

Piazza Nicosia, Rome

19- 26 November 2017.

Festival for the earth Monte Carlo under the Patronage of Albert II Foundation.

Art, Ecology and Science together to discuss the future of the planet.

Ecologic art installations by: Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Giuseppe La Spada.

9-10 October 2017.

Oceanographic Museum, Monaco

Maria Rebecca Ballestra 


FRAC Corsica

FRAC weekend

5 November 2017

Maria Rebecca Ballestra


Solo show

Curator Giorgia Gastaldon

Parco Basaglia


October 2017 - March 2018

Maria Rebecca Ballestra will be part of "L'arte della sostenibilità"

Group show 

3 October - 9 November 2017

Bocconi University, Milan


Group show

Curator: Andrea Lacarbonara

Featuring works by Andrea Francolino

7 September -20 October 2017

Andrea Francolino is finalist at Bugatti Segantini art prize edition 2017

Alice Schivardi is in the show

 "Body to Body, Corpo a corpo"

Group show

Curator: Paola Ugolini.

National Gallery of Rome 

22 june - 24 september 2017 

20 June 2017

Olivo Barbieri's films are now in the Moma's Collection.



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